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Clockwork Yellow

The creation with yellow continues, this time in clock form. I’ve always thought there was something so beautifully intricate yet classic in clocks and had the idea to make one for my room to add yet another splash of yellow against my gray walls.

Using an art clay board, paint, stencil, and a clock set, I pieced it together and Ta-da! Yellow clock. It was actually a really fun and easy project and the combination of colors and patterns could be endless! However, I’m going to have to get used to the constant, although subtle, tick tocking at night.


74th Annual Hunger Games

A quick poster I did for fun in honor of the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games tomorrow! May the odds be ever in your favor. You can bet I’ll be rocking the Katniss braid tomorrow.

Bloodbuzz Ohio

New song poster for The National’s “Bloodbuzz Ohio.” Again yellow and gray. This one might make the print cut for my walls =)

Hummingbird: Update

I finally got around to posting my updated version of Wilco’s “Hummingbird” song poster. The previous yellow was temporary until I settled on something else. And I think I finally did. Ta da!

PS: new poster for The National coming real soon =)


This song poster is more inspired from a combination of the song title, “Black,” and the album cover from which it’s on, Rome by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi. Now if you’re not familiar with Danger Mouse, you probably are, you just don’t know it. For the last 5 years there has been a string of seemingly unrelated music that quickly became favorites in my library.  Starting with The Good, the Bad, and the Queen, The Shins, Beck, The Black Keys, and most recently, Broken Bells. Well, Danger Mouse has offered his producing and/or songwriting skills to all of these acts and there is something about it that simply draws you in. It’s mysterious yet catchy in that slightly pop-psychedelic sort of way. Rome certainly carries those qualities, but thanks to Italian composer and arranger, Daniele Luppi, Rome is so much more. It’s the soundtrack without a movie. Literally. That was the concept. So while this is largely an instrumental album, there are just a few songs that strategically feature the voices of Norah Jones and Jack White (on separate tracks).

And that’s where “Black” comes in. It has Norah Jones’ smoky vocals painted throughout the beats and strings to create a melodramatic track that is as dark as it is lovely. So as I mentioned, this was first inspired by the album cover (see left). And when Norah Jones sings of everything turning black, black paint sliding down the canvas seemed a good choice. Although now thinking about and looking at it, maybe I got  a little carried away with the paint idea and this would have been a better poster for “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones. Ha oh well.

Oh and perhaps desktop wallpapers will be coming along with these to make them somewhat purposeful. I had a friend mention that idea to me this weekend and I like it. I experimented with turning this one into a wallpaper, but it’s easier said than done. Sooo next time =)


Grey Ship

Okay, this is getting weird. I think I have an obsession. Maybe it’s my love for music mixing with my love for design that I can’t get these posters out of my head. But here’s another one. And this one hits a little deeper than the other two. It’s not that I don’t adore St. Vincent and Wilco, but there’s something about “Grey Ship” by EMA that can crawl underneath your skin until your sinking in its musical journey. Even in Pitchfork’s review of Past Life Martyred Saints, Nick Neyland says, “For the most part, it’s a white-knuckle ride. There’s no pretense or pose here. No pulling back from the brink to foster an air of cool detachment. Anderson’s music has the power to plummet to the depths and drag you right down there with her.” I really couldn’t agree more.

While I took select verses from the previous featured songs, I feel I captured more of the essence of “Grey Ship.” A hauntingly beautiful song about death, I tried to give the ship a ghostly element and create the illusion that the anchor may be attempting to hook EMA to take her along for the ride to the other side.

The verses at the bottom read, “I hear all them calling, the pearly gates. We’ve all gone together, we’ve all gone to sleep. I hear a choir. I hear a symphony…” Give you the shivers yet? Wait to you give it a listen:


Another song poster! The excitement of that statement is due to the fact that I actually did another one. This one is from Wilco’s “Hummingbird.” This song makes me smile and when I heard Jeff Tweedy sing “His goal in life was to be an echo, the type of sound that floats around and back down like a feather,” I knew I wanted to use my feather to create a poster. Yes, this is the same feather previously used in the bachelorette invites, but I love it and wanted to put it to more use. And yes, I chose yellow again, more out of indecision than anything else. I tried a nice green color which almost made it but since I’m looking for yellow things for my room, I wanted to exhaust my options.